About Me

About me....umm what about me??? Im Briana of course most people call me ~Bri~, it used to be different but now everybody has the name Briana so everybody also has the name Bri also. Anyways I was born in North Carolina but moved to Georgia & I have been there ever since. I graduated from a school called South Gwinnett High which had tons on kids but you still knew everybody. My favorite color is purple anybody who knows me will tell you I am a feen for any thing PURPLE and any thing SWEET!! Luckily I workout enough and have a ok metabolism because if not... I'm an only child(hehehe) so of course I LOVE to shop even when im broke because its ok to window shop(don't listen to 50 cent he was just talking) as my mom always told me. Even though my window shopping always turned into a buy later. I love to have fun and laugh but many people don't think so. I don't take any thing from any body because every one deserves RESPECT. Once you 1st meet me I'm mean or shy but once you get to know me I might still be a little mean(LOL) but I'M A WHOLE LOTTA FUN IN A LIL PACKAGE;-)!!!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

As We Bring This Semester To A Close

As I am writing this I am sitting comfortably in my living room in Georgia. Since I am not able to go home every week I cherish the moments that I do get, and this is the longest that I have had; it has been very enjoyable so far I am loving it. I was able to see so many friends from high school it has just been great within the last 36 hours, I just cannot wait for Christmas break. I just imagine it should be awesome. I say all of this to say try not to go home every weekend, so that when you do you are able to cherish the time and not take it for granted.

Buuuuuuuut Bac in North Carolina….
Lately I have been having fun, getting out and what not. My latest adventure was Savannah, GA . OMG if you ever get the chance take the football bus trips. Be sure to go with a friend or two, normally they range from $25 to $100 and everything is paid for but your food. Savannah was very nice, I heard about it of course since I’m from Georgia but my parents went there and I had a friend that goes to school down there. The first night we got there we all were hungry so we walked downtown Savannah to find something we ended up at Five Guys, I have never been there & probably won’t go back. A couple of the guys had but for some reason the burgers seemed more expensive, and to make matters worse 25ft away was burritos for $6.99 so we were all a little mad. I wanted some Savannah seafood but I settled for original River Street Sweets (website link) THE BEST CANDY IN THE WORLD. The next day in Savannah we went to the Julliet Lowe house (founder of the girl scouts), and the First African American Baptist Church; they were both great places to visit. I learned so much at the First African Baptist Church, if you ever go to Savannah make sure to go on some of the city tours because they are very interesting.  Unfortunately the football team lost to a team who hasn’t won a game in who knows how long, but the times that we had in the hotel will definitely last a lifetime. I didn’t know too many people before the trip but now we are planning to take another trip with the same people.

Recently we had a lyceum with Donna Brazile. Even if a lyceum isn’t required for you-GO! Most of the time the Lyceum even feature people you would have to pay lots of money to see, but since it’s already paid for in your tuition go and don’t walk out. Lyceums are not always boring, and you have to broaden your horizon to expand your knowledge. Even though you might not be interested the person might have wisdom and knowledge that you can use and in the long run and whatever they talk about in the Lyceum might benefit you. So far I have been to two because they were required. I wish I would have gone to another speaking one but I couldn’t make it because of class. I will definitely be sure to make it to more next year.
OMG I almost forgot, I ATTENDED MY FIRST PROBATE!!! I never understood the posters but I know now! It was so very cold outside, but it was definitely worth it!!!

Homecoming week was great. I attended the fashion show, the comedy show, and the step show. Shout out to the Deltas and Alphas for winning the step show. The fashion show was good, and this semester I was with a modeling group called Paradyce.  I was not a model but I was on the Social Organization so I got in for free. Be sure to join groups because they have benefits. The comedy show with Lil Duval and the other comedians was off the chain. My friend and I laughed so hard, and still used the jokes today because they definitely related to us!!!! Well more next time, oh yea and pics and videos from homecoming check ‘em out J

Monday, October 18, 2010


Well NCCU is one interesting place I must say. I haven’t been on in a while, because I have been Beasting on my grades. They are looking mighty good I must say, not exactly where I want them but pretty good. My high school definitely prepared me for college. On another note a couple of weeks ago NCCU sponsored a trip, and a FREE one at that for us to go DC for the 10-2-10 March. I have been to DC before but this trip was special because I was going for a cause. On November 2nd there is a major vote going on, regarding jobs, health care and public education. I am definitely for public education because I am a product of it, and there is nothing wrong with it. I am also definitely for lowering tuition rates and making college affordable. If you thought high school was HIGH wait until you get to college, it’s at the PEAK! I had a lot of fun; I got to see all different views from many different people. Not only did I get to see all of that but I also saw some interesting things regarding people (LOL).  
                In DC my friends and I, did the Great Amazing Race of DC to find a McDonalds, oh how interesting that was. There were these map things and they showed where places were so we followed it only to find a little push cart sorta thing, but we ended up going into the Aero Space Museum and finding an actual Mickie Dees. Buuuut and there is a big Buuuuut it was soooo expensive. I got a double cheese burger meal and a shake and it cost about $8.34 if I’m correct. So if you ever go to DC I guess you have to be willing to play like the big dogs.
                Lately there hasn’t been much going on around NCCU. A couple of weeks ago we did have BET and the black college tour come to visit. I wasn’t able to participate much because of my classes (sorry no pictures for that). I’m not the type of student to miss class, even though the school did allow them there for us, I don’t think they would have appreciated so many people missing classes. I prefer to use my absences for something worthwhile like being sick or, having to go home, or an emergency. Luckily I was able to see what I could, when I could from my room window. I think I had the best seat in the house for the 3-on-3 basketball challenge though, no need in being in the heat when you can be in the air right (LOL)? Oh yeah I can’t forget about my water bottle and shirt. During the BET College Tour visit, there was an opportunity to get free STD tests and I got free stuff. To get my shirt I had to go get tested for everything. My friend and I went through a lot to get that shirt but I loved the saying so much-which was LOVE YOUSELF FIRST THEN OTHERS- and was so powerful in my opinion. We went through every STD testing on the planet, I was scared out of my mind about getting blood drawn, so of course I was one of the only people making noise when I got it done(oh well, I warned them at least LOL).
Homecoming and Halloween is in a couple of weeks, so I better have some stories. I WILL and they should be VERY INTERESTING!!!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Surge PROTECT That:-)

Already I have learned a lot here at NC Central. #1 lesson officially learned at NCCU is that when you get into the real world, make sure you always pay your power bill and that you always have flashlights. On the what to bring list I saw flashlight but didn’t understand the need for one…now I understand. You might ask how or why did I learn that at NC Central. The craziest thing so far this year was a blackout for over 9 hours, but the good thing at the time was no morning classes. At about 9 o’clock one night the power blinked and about 5 minutes later it blinked again but this time it went out and did not come back on until waaaaay later the next day. What was beyond me at that time of night was why we didn’t have power but my aunt, who lives down the street, did have power? Come to find out she is on another power line and a piece was missing in the power system so all buildings had to brought back up slowly. So at 9 o’clock that night the only light available to my roommate and me at the time were our computers and our only source of communication with the outside world was our cell phones, but you had to be wise because of course that is when a cell phone would decide to go dead. Ironically to connect to the internet in the residence hall rooms you have to have an Ethernet cord, but when the power went out we were still able to get on the internet sill so that was a little interesting. Turns out it was just a malfunction on campus.
I never realized how much I relied on power until I didn’t have it. When the power went out so did the air, so it soon started to get warm in the room. Luckily since the room is cinder blocks it didn’t get too too warm, but I heard other people saying their room was unbearable, so they went outside. I saw a lot of people outside but I couldn’t understand why and I also saw them walking down the hill towards the gym. I knew one building had been evacuated which I thought was strange; supposedly it was a safety hazard. I would think college students in the streets with no lights would be a bigger safety hazard…but that’s just my opinion. I refused to go outside my room was just fine for me, I kind of felt like the people in New York when they had that black out some years back. The whole thing was so surreal because when I looked out onto the rest of the campus it was pitch black nothing had light whatsoever, the lights that we were seeing were from the stairwells and the police cruisers that were riding around campus. That was definitely a night to remember. The next morning I woke up and still no power so I decided I was going to miss my first, well it had been cancelled anyways I was too overjoyed to hear that. Of course the next thing on the mind was food, since there was no power the cafĂ© was obviously CLOSED, but we were told that we were getting Chick-fil-a down stairs at 12. I decided to take a quick shower to also realize with no power means, no hot water also. Guess it was pretty hot outside because the water was luke warm I wanted to be the one of the first ones but the food took forever so eventually I left and went to auntie’s house(thank goodnesss for her living around the corner). Downstairs was definitely a trip though, and I wish I would have recorded it, as it started filling up it started to get hotter but our air came from the refrigerator down stairs, and that night before people were walking down the hill to Burger King. I didn’t understand before but I was informed they were walking to Burger King to charge their phones and it came to me why people were carrying surge protectors. Think about it a surge protector has 4 to 8 or more plugs so 1 person with a surge protector could charge plenty of phones LOL! How interesting I know, the things college students will come up with. So we gon SURGE PROTECT THAT!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

"Keepin it Real"

Well, well, well I am officially a freshman at North Carolina Central University. I have the shirt and the green “alcohol free” change purse attached to my key chain to prove it. But one day I couldn’t take it anymore. I was seeing our Class of 2014 shirt entirely too much and that green alcohol free change purse was getting in the way of me getting to my keys, so off with the change purse and 2014 shirt only comes out when needed (lol). We were given our 2014 shirt during WOW (week-of welcome) after attending a show called “Keepin it Real” given by one of the organizations here at NCCU, & they definitely kept it real. We were to wear the shirt to the class photo which was published in the newspaper the next day or so I think "Eagles Class of 2014 Lands in Durham"  Unfourtnely I was not in that photo, because the whole week during WOW nothing started on time so my friends and I figured “oh we can be about 10 min late and still make it.” Well surprise, surprise to us we got there 10 minutes late and missed the whole picture! Hopefully they will take another class picture for the class of 2014 and I will be there 10 minutes EARLY and in the front.